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  • blockchain
    How blockchain will change real estate
    Aspects of blockchain such as smart contracts, are paving the evolution of real estate documentation and data sharing.
    2021-05-07 · Cody Weiss
    7 min read
  • HonestDoor Price
    The HonestDoor Price Accuracy
    An instant, free, real-time value of your property – the HonestDoor Price is the most accurate home valuation in Canada.
    2021-04-28 · Your HonestDoor Team
    3 min read
  • HonestDoor Price
    How much is your house worth?
    Ultimately, your property is worth as much as the market is willing to pay for it. That being said, like any other investment vehicle you have, you still want to know approximately the price it could sell for.
    2021-04-10 · Your HonestDoor Team
    3 min read
  • condos
    Pros & Cons of Pre-Construction Condos
    If you’re thinking about investing in a condo, consider all of your options, including purchasing a pre-construction condo.
    2021-03-04 · Your HonestDoor Team
    4 min read
  • work from home
    Forget Flowers beds, Think Backyard Offices!
    Perhaps in the last couple of months you have adopted a new type of work arrangement. One which is removed from a large corporate office and lacks the creature comforts of desks, cubicles, private meetings rooms, and stationary cabinets brimming...
    2021-02-24 · Cody Weiss
    3 min read
  • Data
    2020 Alberta Year in Review
    We’ll cut to the chase and focus on 3 cities in this blog post: Calgary, Edmonton & Red Deer. Data is an important part of the research that you do in real estate.
    2021-02-12 · Your HonestDoor Team
    3 min read
  • Selling
    Tips for Selling Your Home
    Selling a property is a big deal. It’s not a decision you came to overnight. Here are our top 7 tips for successfully selling your property!
    2021-02-10 · Your HonestDoor Team
    4 min read
  • bitcoin
    Using Bitcoin for Real Estate
    Because we’re HonestDoor, a prop tech company, and not a fintech company, this blog is meant to introduce you to bitcoin and it’s uses in real estate. As the world of cryptocurrency evolves...
    2021-01-21 · Your HonestDoor Team
    4 min read

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